Kit Miracle -Contemporary Impressionism

Kit Miracle

Indiana artist and plein air painter

Kit Miracle, Artist and plein air painter

Kit recently retired Executive Director of the Jasper Arts Department in Jasper, Indiana.  She lives in rural Crawford County, a place of extraordinary beauty and peace.  She has been creating art professionally since 1983.  Her work has been exhibited in numerous group and solo shows and has won many awards.  Kit currently makes her home on a small farm in Southern Indiana with her husband and assorted pets.

Artist's Statement

It has always been my contention than an artist should paint what she knows.  My work primarily centers on local scenes and people.  Like many artists, I see colors that other people might overlook.  As I travel throughout my day, I am always noticing shapes and contrasts and nuances.  When I point them out to others, I'm surprised that they haven't even noticed. 

Many of my paintings seem to resonate with viewers.  The elderly couple caught in a shaft of light at the market, the splash of red in a field of poppies, reflected light on old sandstone archways.  I'm always delighted when someone stands before one of my paintings and I hear that "a ha" intake of breath.  That's the way I felt when I saw the subject and it's nice to know other human beings feel that way, too.


I have had a few pivotal points in my artistic life.  One was when I spent several weeks biking through the south of France.  Not only did I fall in love with the region - the colors, landscape, buildings, culture - but I returned with a renewed passion for painting.  This turned out to be a huge success, not only from my own career viewpoint but resonated with the public as well.  More recently, I have developed a passion for American regional plein air painting groups.  This includes The Hoosier Group (T.C. Steele, et al), the Pennsylvania Impressionists (Daniel Garber, Edward Redfield), and, of course, the California Impressionists, particularly Edgar A. Payne.  Just as they concentrated on depicting the everyday scenes and landscapes of their lives, so I am inspired to capture the ordinary and extraordinary of my own life.  This includes the people and places that mean the most to me.  Just as writers are often advised to write what you know, I concentrate on painting what I know.


Art is such an integral part of our lives that we often overlook its importance.  Imagine a grey and drab world without art, without designers or movie makers, without photographers.  We all need a little more sunshine and more smiles in our lives and that is my primary goal.

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