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Figurative work

Paintings of individuals or groups

These are paintings of individuals or people in various settings.  Both oils and watercolors, many of the paintings are currently available for sale.  Sizes, mediums, and prices are listed.  Shipping not included.

Saturday Morning, 38 x 40 oil $2,300

Saturday Morning
This oil painting depicts a typical frosty weekend morning in this part of the world.  Men gather to cut firewood and socialize.  I love the dynamics and energy of the painting.  Size 38 x 40, framed, $2,300.

Wolf Eyes 24 x 30 oil $1,800

Wolf Eyes

A young man with attitude.  He's oozing virility and he knows it.

Oil, 24 x 30, $1,800


Wolf Eyes, detail

Wolf Eyes, detail


Saturday Morning, preliminary oil 12 x 18

Saturday Morning
This is a preliminary study for the larger painting.  SOLD

Chicks I 24 x 36, framed, oil

Chicks I

Double meaning of chicks, my son and his chick  24 x 36, framed, oil  $2,300


Two Boys Running, 30 x 32 oil

Two Boys Running

I love the dynamics of this painting.  A typical childhood scene.

30 x 32  oil  $450


Chicks II 24 x 26 oil framed

Chicks II

Same son as above, several years later.  With his new "chick."

24 x 36  oil  $1,500


Chicks II detail

Chicks II detail

Click on the image for a close up.  Notice how both figures stare out at the viewer in a direct way. This is almost something of a male version of Madonna and Child, especially with that hint of a smile of the young man's face.


Cat and Boy in a Tree 24 x 36 oil, framed

Cat and Boy in a Tree

Typical painting of young boy at play in his tree house.  This painting was selected by Lt. Governor Becky Skillman for her Hoosier Women's Artists exhibit to be exhibited at the statehouse in Indianapolis for a year.

24 x 36 framed, oil, $1,500


Boy with the Butterfly large framed, watercolor

Boy with the Butterfly

My son has a very fey look about him and when this butterfly (Polygonia) landed on his head, I knew I had to paint this subject.  The butterfly stayed there for about ten minutes, in which time, I took several photos from different angles.  This is the second painting I've done of this subject; the first one was just a head and shoulders shot with the light from behind. 

To increase the ephemeral quality of the subject, I hightened the color and deliberately chose the other objects and things going on in the picture.  This is a larger size than I normally paint, presenting it's own challenges, but I believe that the subject demanded it.

30.5 x 42 plus matting and framing, watercolor, framed, $3,600


Sidewalk Artist, watercolor, framed 19.5 x 27 $450

Sidewalk Artist

A young girl with intense concentration as she creates on the sidewalk.  Love the backlit light and how it catches the strands of her hair.

19.5 x 26.5, plus matting and framing, watercolor, $900


Going to the Beach, watercolor 19.5 x 27.5

Going to the Beach

A multi-generational family excursion to the beach.

19.5 x 26.5, watercolor  SOLD


Looking for Frogs watercolor, 12 x 18

Looking for Frogs

Typical boy scene.

12 x 18, watercolor, SOLD


Seaside, watercolor 12 x 18


12 x 18, watercolor, SOLD


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