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Oil and watercolor paintings of flowers and other objects.  Still lifes are great for beginning artists to learn form and shape and how to handle their materials. I mostly paint still lifes when I'm forced indoors by the weather.
All sizes listed are of the actual painting size and do not include matting or framing where listed.  Please contact me directly for the exact size.  Shipping not included in price.

A Little Blue (on a Rainy Day)
A Little Blue (on a Rainy Day) 24 x 30 oil on canvas

A Little Blue (on a Rainy Day)  oil on canvas, 24 x 36  $1750

One rainy weekend, I decided to try this still life arrangement.  I seem to be attracted to blues, especially cobalt blue, and have quite a collection.  These flowers were just what I could find after a stormy night.  Little did I know that it would actually take several weeks to complete this painting.  Check out the step by step on my blog.



Fresh Cut, 24 x 18, oil, Kit Miracle

 Fresh Cut

I love massive bouguets of sunflowers this time of year. 

Ode to Van Gogh, 12 x 16, oil, Kit Miracle SOLD

Ode to VanGogh

I love these bright faces nodding in the breeze. 

Sunflower, 12 x 12, oil, Kit Miracle $175


Catching the shy face of this giant sunflower with shadows. 

Dos Palomas, 18 x 24, oil, Kit Miracle SOLD

The Green Bowl, 12 x 24, oil, Kit Miracle $225

Chalk Horse and Oranges, 16 x 20, oil, Kit Miracle, $250


Dos Palomas

An exercise in shiny stuff.  Oil on canvas, 18x24, SOLD


The Green Bowl

This was part of a still life set up that a friend and I worked on this past winter.  I didn't include everything in the set up.  This was painted on a panel toned with a peachy/pink background.  Check out my blog at for a complete step-by-step and detailed closeups.  Oil on panel, 12x24, $225.


Chalk Horse and Oranges

This is a study in complementary colors, orange and blue.  It was painted on a blue-toned canvas.  Check out my blog at for a complete step-by-step view of the painting.  Oil on canvas, 16x20, $250


Lemons and Blue Plate, 9.5" x 9.5", watercolor, Kit Miracle $195


Lemons and Blue Plate

9.5 x 9.5, watercolor, $195.

Pears and Blue Plate, 9.5" x 9/5", watercolor Kit Miracle SOLD


Pears and Blue Plate

9.5 x 9.5, watercolor,

Lemons and Blue Vase, 9.5 x 9.5, watercolor, Kit Miracle SOLD


Lemons and Blue Vase

One of a series of fruits and vegetables featuring  my cobalt blue pottery collection.  9.5 x 9.5, watercolor 

Bowl of Romas and One Avacado, 12 x 18, watercolor, Kit Miracle $450


Bowl of Romas and One Avacado
The strong light and colors make this a stunningly brilliant painting.  Perfect for the dining room or kitchen.  12 x 18, watercolor, framed, $450

The Treasure Box, 20 x 26, watercolor, Kit Miracle $950


The Treasure Box

A child's collection of treasuers.  Exhibited at the Salmagundi Club.  20 x 26, watercolor, $950

Four Fish and a Fan, 26 x 26, watercolor, Kit Miracle, $550


Four Fish and a Fan

Always looking for a little twist in my larger still lifes, this one depicts the four fish in almost an animated scene.  Notice the blue silk scarf acts as a "water" foil to the large brass fish. 26 x 26, watercolor, $550

Sunflowers, 18 x 12, watercolor, Kit Miracle SOLD



18 x 12, watercolor, SOLD

Red Tulips, 18 x 12, watercolor, Kit Miracle, $375


Red Tulips and Blue Vase

Strong colors set off this spring-time bouquet.

18 x 12, watercolor, $375

The Gift, 26 x 19, watercolor, Kit Miracle SOLD

The Gift

Old press back rocking chair, red and white quilt, and pie plate with a gift of fruit. SOLD 

Vase of Zinnias, 16 x 12, oil, Kit Miracle SOLD

Fall Pumpkin, 11 x 14, oil, Kit Miracle SOLD

Still Life with Blue Bottles and Lemons, 24 x 18, oil, Kit Miracle $375


Vase of Zinnias
Painted in the style of Van Gogh, this painting shows thick impasto and vivid colors.  12 x 16, oil. SOLD


Fall Pumpkin

I was drawn to this little pumpkin because of it's stem.  Oil on canvas, 11x14. SOLD


Still Life with Blue Bottles and Lemons

The challenge here was to paint the blue bottles and the shiny dish reflecting the lemons.  Oil on canvas, 24 x 18, $375.

Blue Kimono, 19.5 x 26.5, watercolor, Kit Miracle SOLD


Blue Kimono

19.5 x 26.5, watercolor, SOLD

Satin Ribbon and Peonies, 19.5 x 26.5, watercolor, Kit Miracle SOLD


Satin Ribbon and Peonies

19.5 x 26.5, watercolor, SOLD

Red Sunflowers on Dewey Morning, 12 x 16, oil, Kit Miracle, SOLD

The Crooked Pot, 10 x 10, oil, $175 Kit Miracle

Sunflower Seed Heads, 12 x 16, oil Kit Miracle SOLD

Sunflower Cosmos Spiral, 12 x 12, oil $175 Kit Miracle

Sunflower Soldiers, 12 x 16, oil $200 Kit Miracle

Sunflower Center, 12 x 16, oil $200 Kit Miracle

Sunflower Renegade, 12 x 16, oil $225 Kit Miracle

Hiking in Crawford County, 30 x 30, oil on canvas, Kit Miracle $1250

 Hiking in Crawford County

This was a challenge painting for a competition.  It had to include a box, cloth, a living or formerly living thing, a map, and something representing my county.  In this case, the box was the LLBean shoebox. The cloth was the background and the tablecloth, Deer skull and some bittersweet.  Map of an area park.  And a couple of postcards of my county.  Read more about this at my blog:

Gardening with Scottie, 20 x 20, oil on canvas, Kit Miracle $850

Gardening with Scottie

Winter is a great time for painting still lifes.  This was set up as if I were planning out my spring garden.  Read more about this including the complete how-to on my blog at 

Gardening with Scottie - Demonstration



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